Cities and the Shangri-Chinese

Good. it may very well be that the developed by pilates and fitness expert is the way to exercise Almost just assume that the word is used instead of Beijing as Beijing after making an incursion by the latest Chinese cities in which we are working, I have to admit that I have what’s called a mental cocoa.
Understanding that the use of Beijing was due to fitness the fact that traditionally it was called so in Spain. Not that I want to bring the counter to anyone, you are “encyclopedists more than me” and # 160;:) (said with the best of intentions). What happens is that in the world to me I move (to travel) practically not seen until Beijing appeared here, and what worries me is that when searches are made not appear. If someone can explain it to me, but nor is it would appreciate grave.and # 160;:)
Now what I find on the one hand is that in countries like China, cities have names that have given them the original inhabitants, who have given the Chinese y. .. that they have re-christened by successive Chinese governments. In Kangding, for example, there are nearly half a dozen names. Since Tatsienlu with which naturalists knew of the nineteenth and twentieth abs centuries (incidentally I found enough material about it but not between, because I have no idea of plants, butterflies or caterpillars), the Dartsendo, Dardo in Tibetan or Darbo Kangding, or the Chinese, not counting the most “historic”.
But where I have broken all the schemes has been with Zhongdian. Gyeltang for Tibetans. Before going to the airport had read that you sometimes called Shangri-La or Deqen / Deqin which is one of the first cities to which they got to call him on the head like that. In the bus we had coincided with a married Chinese (charming), which called Shangri-la to Zhongdian. the blogs available on the topic of carry a number of recommendations for the And as has been the site of another (Yading), which also endeavored to call Shangri La, as almost annoying to me. But it turns out that my travel guide is a bit old and does not include that in 2002, as well Airunp reflected in the article, the government of the moment he decided to rename the city for the stay and so wide. That is not even Shangri-La in Chinese (pinyin shiwaitaoyuan; something like “the spring of melcoton away from the world” and # 160;:? In English: ‘the peach river-source away from the world’) but this Xianggelila