Digital Exclusion

More the success of these environments is not conditional only to the communication tools as e-mails, fruns of debates, wikis or chats of quarrel, but for the necessity in providing resources that make possible the organization and manipulation of the received messages, in way that the pupils can find contents specific and write form messages to express its ideas more good. Another important point in which the model saw web looks for to support itself as modality educative it is the use of the prerogatives: contribution and cooperation in information nets. In turn, these terms constitute practical essentials of the Cibercultura, that stops Lvy (1999) is about a set of customs and traditions executed in the virtual world that they are primordial to feel or those candidates inserted to be part of it. Although to the first sight, these terms will give airs of synonymous, contribution and cooperation possesss intrinsic dynamic in the virtual world.

Lvy (1999) looks for to understand the contribution in virtual environment as an action developed in set, for two or more people who if understand, if respects, has common interests and objectives and that they share the same values, for the accomplishment of a service, a project or a product. But for Kensky, Oliveira and Clementino (2006) the cooperation presents better resulted for practical educative on-line because it searchs to carry through crossroads of these contributions, aiming at benefits to the other participant members through three essential principles: the interaction, the mediation and the active participation. Therefore, one gives credit that for a course on-line, the success of the magnifying of colaborativos methods depends on the environment creation adjusted for cooperation.