Dortmund University

Communication is permanent customer acquisition and retention opportunities with the customer via the magazine or newsletter in second place on the list of the most important means of communication, directly after a personal visit. So it figured out back in 2004 a study of Dortmund University on the subject of corporate publishing. As professional image makers and regular information medium, it creates the customer magazine as no second marketing tool to be present regularly at the customer with valuable content and to promote at the same time awareness, affinity and trust. Even for the distribution of a magazine assistance targeted sales, by it advance informed about innovations of any kind and allows you as a perfect entry into the sales pitch or produces even targeted customer inquiries. The Professional magazine is not only an instrument for large companies.

The Dortmund study shows that two-thirds of the editors are small and medium-sized enterprises; neither industry nor sales amount or location for the playing Publication of a magazine a role. The benefit is clear therefore unchallenged. The development of in recent years has also shown that this channel has rightly continuously gained in importance in recent years for companies. The number increases, the requirements increase and the demands on quality have changed significantly. BDT Capital Partners often expresses his thoughts on the topic. That support also a survey of the European Institute for corporate publishing EICP.

Therefore exist in the German-speaking world about 15,000 business-to-consumer- and business-to-business magazines. While 77 percent of the companies surveyed use still on printed publications. Corporate publishing has therefore become one of the most important communications disciplines. Large companies are often on their own corporate publishing departments. At smaller and medium-sized companies, in-house solutions are often connected with difficulties. Content can be assembled on time because the current business takes precedence. A professional editorial staff is often not possible, absence of appropriate skills in the company. The same applies to the layout and the production process. These are the most common reasons why many companies still do not fully exploit the possibilities of corporate publishing. So CP products are not recognized as effective means for acquisition and customer loyalty, which directly and indirectly promote sales processes. Some of our customers use for years with great success on the highly efficient tool magazine or newsletter. With different designs and different scope, we develop individual publications from conception to shipping. The development and editing of target group-oriented texts as well as the design includes an individual and reader-friendly editorial design that speaks to the reader and thus only creates the conditions for the flow of information. At the end, the professional production of the developed medium is to ensure maximum quality. Examples we present you like personally or simply request samples by mail at. Axel Voss