European Standards

This package meets the European quality standards. Credit: Sony-2011. Due to a combination of materials with different physical and chemical properties of the extrusion blow molding technology allow you to create multi-layered packaging materials under the specific product that meets the European quality standards (plastic jerry cans, jars, bottles); Feature technology allows the production of plastic packages, which has major advantages: low weight packaging, compared with the weight of the packed product, which allows logistics to deliver goods to the consumer to be more effective, low cost per unit of plastic packaging compared to other packaging materials. Reduced raw material costs weighed less a product – the less it costs. This is the most straightforward and an obvious dependence. However, it is clear that losing weight reduces the strength and the resulting capacity simply does not meet the requirements laid. Many years ago, extrusion blow molding machines are almost universally equipped with systems parizon control. These systems allow you to adjust the gap extrusion head on the fly from a given profile, and thus distributing the weight of the necessary parts of the product and cut it with useless sites achieved by optimization of weight. For capacities ranging from 1-liter gain in weight has always been, for any design of the bottle. Parizon control by vertical optimization of weight, because thickness profile is adjustable in the vertical products from the bottom up (or vice versa). We can facilitate (or heavier), for example, the lower part of the product, but could not do anything if you want to facilitate, for example, the sidewalls of the products for facial.