Facetoface Formal Education

SecondLife is a virtual environment three-dimensional which allows its participants to do things that in your first life or ordinary real life could only dream. In secondLife there is no limits, if you want it you got it, if what you want is blown away or driving a ferrari can get you latest model in SecondLife. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Asaro . SecondLife is not only a game, secondlife is true to its name as activities that can be spend the Leisure and leisure up chores more altruistic as education, if it is true, in SecondLife also can learn aside from limitations that modern life we can impose. SecondLife is has become an educational platform of high performance and is expected to be an alternative to the traditional channel in the future. SecondLife offers many advantages to other traditional teaching methods: students have more freedom to participate in class due in part to the fact that in a virtual environment in which we are being represented graphically by an avatar can put aside fears of speak in public and to expose our ideas which can be crucial to incorporate new knowledge. Another of the advantages with respect to traditional methods is the echo of reducing the distances between the student and the classroom to power the pupil benefit from education regardless of the geographic area where you are. The great similarity of the environment with a video game make sure the young student not it all boring since almost all children and adolescents are fully familiar with the platforms of video games and could even come to tomarsen the process of formation as a game more, what benefit them greatly since well known that everything that we like and we find it fun as aprendemos with greater ease. Knowledge of the technology could reach in a short time to virtually every corner of the planet with the rise of cellular technology 3 G that allows users to navigate at speeds suitable for follow any training course online. In the end, the benefits are enormous and will remain so to the extent that these platforms not only are free but that are also free to enable disadvantaged communities may be partakers of this new form of education..