Franklin Aisalla

Initially reported the death of Cueto Guillermo Enrique Torres, alias Julian Conrado, ideological and musical composer of the FARC, whose alleged body was moved to Bogota after the military operation. On March 3, the director of Forensic Medicine in that city, Pedro Franco, denied that the body found was that of Conrad .
In mid-March, the parents of William Franklin Aisalla Ecuador, Quito a locksmith whose whereabouts were unknown since February 21, rioja andalusia identified photographs of the corpse and said they were “confused” by the Colombian authorities. The family announced that travel to Bogota to identify and claim the body. The Ecuadorian authorities opened an investigation.
On March 22, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa warned that undertake a “diplomatic struggle” against the Colombian government confirmed the death of an Ecuadorian. At the same time urge the OAS to “act in a forceful manner” in this case. In a communique, the Casa de Narino, the headquarters of the Colombian president, responded that day saying it would abide the decisions of the OAS on the incident.
On March 24, in a statement from the Ministry of Defense of Colombia states that correspond to the body of the guerrilla Franklin Ponelia Molina, aka Lucho, who along with Nubia Calderon, alias Esperanza, have been investigated in 2004 for “providing false ID other guerrillas and to facilitate their movement within Ecuador. ” The Ministry added that in comparing the photographs of Ponelia Molina Aisalla and “possibly” would be the same person, being necessary for confirmation.
On March 27, Defense Minister of Ecuador, Wellington Sandoval, said that Aisalla was investigated for alleged links with the FARC, initially by the Ecuadorian military intelligence from 2003 to 2005 and then by the police. According to the minister, the investigation “has not yet completed.” The President Rafael Correa said that “if Aisalla was criminal, guerrilla, can not justify the murder of an Ecuadorian in Ecuador soil by foreign troops” and that his government “will not let this case go unpunished.”
Aisalla’s body was sent back to Quito on the same day. Her father, Guillermo Aisalla, denied that his son was a member of the FARC and said he was satisfied that the Ecuadorian authorities to reopen an inquiry. The prosecution announced that Ecuador will be a “review” of the body to determine cause of death.
On March 28, Marcelo Jacome, head of Forensic Medicine of the Policia of Ecuador announced that the autopsy indicated that Aisalla died by “a brain laceration and a fractured skull effect of a blast.” According to the official, there were no bullets in the body.
On May 6, the Ecuadorian government presented the results of several Preliminary forensic reports, after studying the body of Aisalla and three other unidentified persons. According to the government, reports indicate that Aisalla would not have died from the blast or by a shot located in its dorsal region, but as a result of head trauma allegedly caused by a rectangular object used in a series of forceful blows, one of them in the neck, and that probably was kneeling at the time of his death. The Ecuadorian government suspects that an execution would have been brought in cases of Aisalla and the other three persons examined. Government Minister Fernando Bustamante said ignore if Aisalla died in Angostura or Bogota. Foreign Minister Maria Isabel Salvador request to Colombia, through the Argentine embassy in Bogota, the full report of the autopsy conducted Aisalla, seeking to clarify the situation.
On May 7, Gen. Freddy Padilla de Leon, Commander of the Armed Forces Colombia, said that during the military operation will respect international law and Colombian law. Gen. Padilla said Aisalla’s death occurred as a result of the action of a metal artifacts, but said that there would be a coup de grace. That same day, the Colombian Foreign Ministry issued a statement rejecting the statements by the Ecuadorean cabinet members and attaching a second inspection of the body necroscopia andalusia Aisalla conducted in Bogota, sent to Ecuador and the OAS. Foreign Minister Fernando Araujo described as “irregular” disclosure of the forensic reports Ecuadorans two months after the incident and said that consideration of Medicine, following the protocol Minnessota found no signs of an extrajudicial execution. According to the chancellor, the necroscopia indicated that the causes of death were Aisalla “explosive elements injuries committed severe and pervasive that the skull and brain structures and thoracoabdominal viscera.”

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