Give Anyone

Probably for years we have heard this phrase and it has a pretty deep meaning because it tells us how our life is. Logic tells us that it is necessary to have it to give something, when we have that something means that we planted and are facing the possibility of having more than what we sow. To the extent that we are opening doors to receive more than that, for example if we give love, money, happiness, kindness, respect we any get much of that. Then how do to sow properly? Well first of all let us think what we want to receive, immediately pay all necessary attention to that which we wish to reap, imagine that we wish to have excellent family or couple relationship, then we begin to sow positive actions, the details are wonderful, when we put great care and dedication into something we always get excellent fruit. Sometimes many people expect to receive what they have not sown, if we have been disrespectful we would expect to receive respect, the truth is that it is very unlikely. The world who experience our senses is a manifestation of the information that is recorded on our subconscious, every problem we face all that tells us is that we have to change from the inside, changes may take time but if we concentrate on what we want to give that it will take an enormous power.

In the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt us speaks of the importance of concentration in the idea that we want to realize, here we are told that attention is which sustains the world, for example if we focus on the things that we dislike a person then we give power and that begins to take more strength and tends to occur. One of the secrets of good relations and life in general is much attention given to what pleases us, for many people this is difficult to perform because they continually speak of unpleasant experiences and observe what they don’t want in their lives, this does not bring good results. All our dreams are generated from the mind, from an idea, this brings emotions and actions, it is important to sow it for having what we want to through care, continuously observe all the things that help you to achieve your goal and never climb out of that idea until it is achieved.