Hidden From History For Decades

… was the reminder on the largest and menschenverachtendsten concentration camp scene again today Austrian territory. With the since decades overdue and now available book titles “St.-Georgen-Gusen Mauthausen concentration camp toll Jose reconsidered” (ISBN: 978-3-8334-7440-8) open Rudolf A. Haunschmied, Jan-Ruth Mills and Siegi Wanjau Durda a broader look at the whole dimension of the former Mauthausen Gusen concentration camp double camp in an extraordinary transatlantic cooperation for the first time and extend the perspective through this harrowing and created according to scientific principles study that in public, science, Policy or doctrine to this day hardly took into account elements of the extermination of people through work in St. Georgen and Gusen, partially unique stand in recent German history, the history of the Holocaust and the history of the second world war.

In addition to the dominant this concentration camp complex, SS own “German Earth and stone works GmbH (DEST)” reflect this title for the first time political conditions in the region during the interwar period and business aspects of the early engagements of the SS in St. Georgen and Gusen, particularly with regard to the industrial exploitation of concentration camp prisoners for the total war effort in cooperation with companies like Messerschmitt GmbH of Regensburg or Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG. Previously unpublished details mark also numerous existing research gaps and make future generations of researchers among other things the question of how it could be possible that parts of this concentration camp double camp system until today large parts of the world could be deprived of Gusener superior above all the military-strategic and economically important elements of the Mauthausen/Gusen concentration camp complex and in size, the cruelty and the number of victims and were until today hardly taken into account in relevant scientific publications or audiovisual media. For the first time, different interests of American troops at a higher military level are reflected on the basis of original documents, which give a shocking picture of chaos and indifference to the fate of tens of thousands of inmates in the four concentration camps in the region at the end of the war. The English-language publication was created in close cooperation with the last remaining witnesses from around the world and is intended to supplement literature for future generations of researchers.

Escort words of the President of the international Mauthausen underline the fundamental importance of this new study Committee, Dusan Stefancic (Ljubljana), Pierre Serge Choumoff (Paris) and Henry Friedlander (New York).