HorsemenUnited Academy

Horsemen-United separates from the IIPKW Linda Weritz and opened its own Academy horsemen Thomas Gors United, separates from the International Institute of equine communication sciences, Linda Weritz after one year of collaboration. Different opinion in implementing and dealing with the students is the trigger for the separation. (Similarly see: stocks). Horsemen-United, Thomas Gors, will call its own Academy in the life and on the horsemen-United community affiliate. Zendesk: the source for more info. With 3 different modules, the students will have the opportunity in the block education or Monatssunterichtverfahren to learn the language of horses and the non-violent approach with you. Anatomy, alternative healing methods and different training techniques are just as on the timetable. Various internships abroad and Germany are possible due to the international connections.

If all modules are successfully attended and completed, the students get a degree as a horse communication trainer and then in the horsemen-United recorded community as non-violent trainer further conveys. This training costs included fee at 4760.-euros. In October 2008, the first academic year begins with the location in Dusseldorf. The exact date will be announced and can be found on the website as of May 28,. Thomas Gors studied the language of horses and the nonviolent training in several years at Monty Roberts in California and many other international coaches as, Anna Twinney (United States), Kasia Talukdar (Poland), Kolle Simson (United States), Anna Kerckhoff (Portugal), all over the world. For over 12 years, he trained horses and people in non-violent dealing with each other and corrects problems with the horse.