LPS Leavening

In the sequence, the cells peritoneais cultivated for 48 hours had been infectadas with a suspension of the leavening that grew in way contends the conocarpano substance in 15 concentrations of g/mL. In all the carried through assays, had been made control without the antimicrobiana substance. After 3 hours, the cells had been breached by means of scraping of the wells and addition of solution diluted of Triton X-100 and 10 L of this chemical preparation had been placed in Sabouraud Broth being that the reading of the growth of the leavening was after carried through 14 hours of incubation of the plates in espectrofotmetro of ELISA, by means of the dosage of the one OF. In posterior experiments, became fullfilled it reading in plates of way of solid culture, by means of the counting of UFC/mL. The experimental protocol that if it showed more adequate for the study had been peritoneias the cellular concentrations of 5x105clulas, 1 g/mL of LPS and the time of 48 hours of culture.

The LPS presence nor always increased ' ' killing' ' of the leavening. The work allowed to adapt the test of ' ' killing' ' of C. albicans for macrophages stops to use it as plus one of the tools in the evaluation of the susceptibilidade of the leavening the agent antimicrobialses. The carried through experiments indicate that the macrophages would be secretando substances growth factors amongst innumerable composites that secretam when in fagocitria activity of the leavening, what it would be allowing the same one to grow exactly in the conditions of attempt of ' ' fragiliz-la' ' with the conocarpano. The toxicidade of the composition does not influence in the fagocitria activity of macrophage and it does not modify the conditions of growth of the way of culture for the leavening. Ahead of C. albicans ' ' fragilizada' ' for the antifngico in its minimum inibitria concentration, the macrophage has its facilitated fagocitrio paper. Word-key: antimicrobiana activity, conocarpano, macrophage, Candida albicans.