You concretaste your 2009 goals? During the year we have been to cuesta a list of objectives with the intention of improving aspects of our personal and professional lives. We dedicate time to the future. We design strategies and renew the approach of the previous year in order to overcome it. What happens along the way? Your expectations been met? The time at the end of the year becomes an implacable enemy. Twelve months after put in writing our goals reality us subject to trial and accept that we do not comply with the plan. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Asaro. It will be like in 2010? He is about maintaining consistency in all acts of life, desire for action and passion: the strength of everything what moves us in life.

This year will not be equal. Sets challenging formulas, but you do not overwhelm your limits, go step by step is better than falling. Forget the failures: the experiences of the past are part of the structure of your new purposes. Attends to your motivations: everything you undertake should join your interests, seeks way to express your desires, of putting your personal needs. Set smart goals, Smart intelligence: S specific: defines your goals. It analyzes what and how you want to achieve. Be clear and concise.

M measurable: Measuring your progress. Design strategies for measurement. Achievable: to be honest. Your greatest desire is to realize, so check scope and chances of success much time? Realistic r: Do you have sufficient resources to achieve your goals? It analyzes the way in which the results will be. T times: Each of your goals have a time. It is clear that not everything will be fulfilled simultaneously. Set priorities, it sorts your list so that you verify which of the points is urgent and how long will take to meet them.