Nutrition Basics For Good Health

The food you eat meet two vital needs. They provide the material that our body needs to regenerate and provide the energy needed to keep it running. Byron Trott is full of insight into the issues. The cells that form tissues and organs that make up our bodies have a limited lifespan, so it must be replaced constantly. For your training you need different nutrients. The main ones are: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. These are the materials we provide with food. In the process of regeneration of cells consume a lot of energy, and energy is required for all activities that our body performs.

That energy is also obtained from food. In a balanced diet, the amount of food we eat, should be equal to what our body uses to meet their needs, both nutritional and energy. If we eat less, lose weight, and if I eat more, get fat. How to achieve balance? Our body has a control mechanism that ensures that food intake is just enough to provide everything we need, both for the regeneration of tissues and organs to meet the energy needs. Although it is an extraordinarily complex mechanism and responds to a multitude of stimuli, we can summarize it this way. When the body needs nutrients, our brain sends signals to the stomach that we perceive as hunger, and when the need has been met, send other signals that result in a feeling of satiety. In theory we should only respond to these signals to achieve a balanced diet. The practice, achieving balance is not so easy, then, involves many factors, which may alter the response that our body gives.