Perspective Facts

In our last meeting to try to understand in greater depth the law of attraction you advised reconsider you the question of because you went wrong things, and change the question by: because you did well?. That is the starting point to begin to understand the correct operation of this philosophy that we are dealing with. However, to understand more clearly everything should look in perspective their components and analyze all the points that compose it. Hence I would do you three classifications for which, from them your encauces the correct procedure that ultimately takes you to your objectives: 1St point: analysis of the circumstances that produced you in this same mind that negative fact. 2Nd point: analysis of the negative fact itself to counteract their influence and negative spread, immediately imposing almost immediately their opposite positive. 3Rd point: analysis of the positive facts introduced was to reiterate its mental procedure in all the other facts which You produciras with the development of your life. With this classification what I teach you is to seek the road which comes closest to the ideal and I say that because one is not a machine, and as a person even if you avoid it you will have ups and downs.

But the issue is that when you have these slippages you leave immediately or to the perception that you have that you are about to enter in one of them, retire as soon as possible of this negative influence. Therefore the 1st point aims to learn from experience and to avoid the repetition of negative facts (this isn’t exactly easy, because we do not always find a direct relationship between the fact itself and negative thinking that caused it). But to the extent that more you scan, you’ll learn more and probably ever will be less the doubts that remain you about it was what you did before bad or negative thoughts were what produced you this counterproductive fact in your life. Dave Clark Amazon describes an additional similar source.