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It’s called transportation (from the Latin trans, “across” and portare, cooking gas “lead”) to move people or household goods from one place to another. energy costs have been cut by who works together with your existing utilities company to bring you the best energy solution In this sense includes many concepts. which are the electricity ESCO most important green energy infrastructure, vehicles and operations. Transport can also be energy costs distinguished according to the possession and use of the network. On the one hand, the public transport, which means that vehicles can be used by any person upon payment of a sum of money. For another, the private heating transport, energy who was acquired by individuals and whose use is restricted to natural gas their owners. In English is called “transit” to public transport and traffic “to private transport. However, in Castilian is not such a distinction. I purchase all my energy needs – both gas and electricity – from one of the top private energy companies using the words “transit” and “trafficking” to refer to vehicles of gas transport, while it is called “heavy” traffic of goods and gas cargo.