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One of the main objectives of London’s candidacy was that the facilities were built is not useless after the Olympic Games. developed by To be sure that the facilities and stadiums are important not useless, the Organizing Committee has planned to do with them after the Games. All the facilities would not be used after the close the Games would be built on a temporary basis.
The 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium will be converted into 25,000-seat, holding various competitions, but its main purpose will be to serve as an athletics stadium. Stadium should become the center for East London when the game ends.
The Aquatics Center to host the Games after two 50m pools, a pool of 25 ball m and a gym. These pools able to accommodate elite athletes, developing local club and community users. The site will have bleachers for 3,500 spectators and would be able to hold local competitions, national and global.
To gather all types of cycling conducted Lea Valley, London Velopark will become a center for various disciplines of cycling this sport. The cycling circuit that was inherited from the Games, which is exercise located on the A12 road, will be expanded to the Eton Manor, where we practice mountain biking. The remodeled to have a set with bleachers for velodromo 3000 spectators and will serve as headquarters for the courses of the fitness different varieties of cycling.
Olympic Hockey Center after the Olympics will be converted into a sports center in hockey, that is taught at all levels. This facility will feature some bleachers for 5,000 spectators and a training camp.
Furthermore, other stadiums would be transferred to other parts of the UK. By confirming that the construction of the Aquatics Center and London Velopark before method they get to host the London Games, it might be more accurate to call them as a legacy of London’s candidacy and not the Games. Leaving the premises inherited the Olympic Games would be tailored to the needs of London at that time. For example, contara Olympic Stadium during the Games with 80,000 seats, but only after these have a 25,000 seats. this afternoon to join the staff of international David Villa … the team, scheduled for today a working session in the gym like that …
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