French Clothing

Today, we are often able to hear the phrase, saying, I bought this sweater in a boutique but few know that the line that separates a boutique and a regular clothing store is very thin, and the quality of the clothes offered in boutiques noticeably higher. Are shops where you buy clothes, is a boutique? Distinguish normal from boutique shop to help this article. The word "boutique" traded in the xix century fashion designer Charles Worth, who first opened the shop exclusive designer clothing, but only after 100 years the word came into use (from the French. Boutique – a small shop, specializing goods). For even more details, read what Mashable says on the issue. Then the cost of clothing, footwear and accessories in boutiques was three times less than prestigious houses of fashion. At present, there are three trip boutiques, vary in price offered goods. Type 1 boutiques – it stores, the clothes specifically a designer, often supplied directly from the fashion impressions. Matt Swain helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The cost of clothing starts from 40 000rub, but there are cheaper boutiques of young designers.

These boutiques are low cost of the proposed clothing, despite the original design and stylish high-quality goods. In such boutiques almost all clothes brought in a single item whose size is 42-44, although, if necessary, immediately, directly to you its fitting on the size. In type 2 boutiques include clothing, footwear, accessories, value of 7 to 40 000rub 000rub. Typically, these shops will not find in regular shopping malls. They are placed either individually (for example, in the trendy area), or in shopping malls premium.