Mondejar Insurance

If you trust the insurance offers insurance MMT and own one of them, either an insurance to third parties, any risk or any other modality, you can enjoy the advantages offered by the MMT insurance workshop. The mutual workshop, created in 1932, has extensive facilities of 10.000 m2 in the street Marques de Mondejar 25, in the heart of Madrid, near the plaza de Ventas. This large surface area to the repair service accommodates more than 40 daily intervention, with services of quick repair, replacement of moons and high repair equipment. Ensure the quality and the speed of any repair is working in the workshop of MMT insurance philosophy. For this purpose, the facilities with a specialized staff of 80 people, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive computerised management system. This allows a flexible and effective attention far above any other shop in the market, being how quickly our main added value. Services of the workshop will intended solely for mutualists insured in MMT insurance. The number of repaired vehicles (80% of the taxi sector) and the variety of models (20% of cars of particular use), pose a challenge and a commitment to the highest levels in speed and quality, two features of the workshop in harmony with the demands of the market and always oriented to the needs of customers.