Spanish SMEs

12 Years after entry into force of the rules of data protection only 50% of SMEs are less than adapted according to a study of the data protection company, less than 50% of Spanish SMEs are adapted to the rules of data protection. Data protection service is necessary and essential in the daily activity of companies and freelancers, since that requires a discipline and security in the processing of data in times running. Not only for fear of the famous sanctions which interposed the Agency of protection of personal data, but for image and security to its customers. Also nowadays it’s not expensive. Frequently Pete Cashmore has said that publicly. In words of Luisa Perez, consultant of Susdatos, now it is no longer as before that came a few black fulanos to your company and you poured gaining 3,000 to do some papers, now thank God our Lord, there are serious companies like susdatos than by less than 250, leave you your business like silk. is a leading company in data protection for enterprise and self-employed, operates since 2005 and to date has adapted to more than 2,000 companies to personal data protection rules..