Professor Digory Kirk

How many of you, dear readers, a child has not dreamed of finding a time machine or a magic thing that will fulfill your every desire, or the place where you can go to another country or even in another world? Who has not dreamed of that 'fly Suddenly the magician in a blue spaceship '… A lyrical digression. Retell the whole history of meaning in this article, no, otherwise you will be interested to read the book. So I'm just going to draw conclusions, and retell the story briefly Heroes books about CS Lewis Narnia – four London children Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, whose mother sent to his friend, Professor Digory Kirk, saving the bombing Nazis. Professor House is very big, old, and something like a castle.

During a game of hide and seek, the youngest of the children, Lucy decided to hide in a big old closet. What a surprise it was a girl, when making his way further into the closet, wishing to hide better, instead of a wall cabinet, it put her in something prickly, and suddenly she felt very cold, the sky snow falling on it. Wall was not in sight, but it was wood, covered with snow. She was in another world. And the first new friend in the world became a faun Tumnus, dressed only in red scarf and an umbrella (the fauns whole body is covered with hair, and yet they have goat hooves and horns, but his face looked quite human). Faun by surprise dropped his bags in the snow. .