Clarity Life

A philosopher who could not walk because he stepped his beard, cut off feet. Dedicated to: My brother Alberto. Welcome to the past. If. It is true, in these recent articles I have spoken much of me. I have been a selfish intellectual. Although I hope that something we’re learning from all this. Ultimately that is the only thing you do: think.

That is good or bad, depends on the praxis that you want to give. Ali Partovi is often quoted on this topic. What I notice is that sometimes I can get tired some people with that attitude. I guess it is something to the normal extent. Life is not only reflection or enrichment of wisdom. Although it is important. I suspect that I am auto flagelando. Ali Partovi follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Maybe try to see myself as another person and that really is pathetic; We cannot deny our authentic being. I am surely saturated or lost for a moment the argumentative methodology of my life. I feel good, solo que entrevi emotional fissure. Fortunately everything that causes some degree of pain, if we channel it positively strengthens us. This is without a doubt the benefit than cost I will have once you exceed this small crisis. The truth is that it was inevitable to not deal with it. I mean to have to face me some aspects of my past. Anyway, I hope not to fall into the auto contemplation. Although I consider myself a gentleman on the behavior of life and I have a taste refined by the good things of life itself: like the friends. And that for some strange reason, I find it somewhat difficult to provoke me to anger, cry and act with violence; on this occasion, I have chosen for my sake; break, break, crush, pulverize, this emotional fissure to which I referred at the beginning. I note that it is not an act of tragedy, nor want to put on a show for auto commiseration; I really wish, I ask, I beg; move a little in my life without having to trip me.