The Pope And His Visit To Spain

The Pope is not welcome, by all Spaniards is heard in initiatives with slogans such as: No to the Pope’s visit. Not with my taxes, or that accompanied him on his last visit from the Valencian balconies you don’t expect. Spain is at the end, after all according to the Constitution, a non-denominational State where not benefiting any religious leader or promote any religion with public money. Doing a bit of history about the papal figure, you could say that in the Pagan tradition also usual that certain powerful people tell to be representatives of God, we remember the Pharaohs of Egypt. In the book the faith of the Church of Neuner-Roos read: The Bishop of Rome has primacy especially ORB and You should know that you’re the father of princes and Kings, the driver of the ORB. But if we look at the current situation of the ORB should ask ourselves, what and how the Pope is leading this world? Does lead Perhaps epidemics, the needs and natural disasters? Is really the driver of all the misfortunes that attack people, nature and animals? If so, then, what on earth does place really for her speech? In this case is not representative of the God of love, the father of all human beings, but we might ask also is leading towards men evil? If it really is ‘Holy’ should have power over the floods, disease, earthquakes and tsunamis, would have to obey the elements. How it is possible that Benedicto XVI few weeks before being elected Pope, claimed in an interview in the program Kontraste, German television ARD: We are in the continuity of the Inquisition? But what was even more amazing was his second sentence: ‘ there is No denying that the Inquisition has brought some progress, for example that defendants before all have been heard and questioned. In reality what was said by his Holiness, is not more than a sample of cynicism, since we all know that interrogations by the Inquisition were United to terrible torture, after which many of the ‘respondents’ died.

Which a cardinal President of the Congregation of the faith in Rome, so blatant way publicly praise the Inquisition saying that it was a progress, is actually an excessive demand for public opinion. What would happen today with a head of State if progressive, qualify the brutality of the Chilean dictatorship or perhaps that of the nazis as something only because in the cellars of torture of Pinochet or Hitler it was prisoners before being killed briefly? It would be severely questioned, ask the resignation and finally possibly be dismissed. Popes have perhaps license for everything, even for what goes against the constitutions and most developed democracies, even for what goes against the rights? fundamental? The required question is: what about really cristiano in the Vatican? The answer is: almost nothing. But where the Pope and the Church take power for such privileges and requirements? Finally, after every person who has not even noticed how far this Catholic doctrine of the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth and all who feel Christian, has not implemented in its life the words of Juan de Patmos My people salt it based on the publications in the series: who is sitting in the Chair of Peter? Original author and source of the article.