When I loved me truly I understood that in any circumstance, I was in the right place, at the correct time, and at the exact moment, and then I could relax. Today I know that has a name self-esteem when I loved me really, I could perceive my anguish and my emotional suffering, is not only a signal that I am going against my own truths. Today I know that it thats authenticity when I loved me really, I stopped wishing that my life was different, and began to see everything what is happening, and that contributes to my growth. Today this is called maturity when I loved me really, I began to perceive how it is offensive to try to force any situation or person, just to do what I want, even knowing that it is not the time, or the person is not prepared, including myself. Today I know that the name of that respect when I loved me really, I began to get rid of everything that was not healthy, people, situations, everything, and anything that me pushing down. Of Home My reason called that attitude selfishness. Please visit altavista if you seek more information. Today calls itself love when I loved really I stopped fearing free time I gave up making big plans, and I abandoned the mega-projects for the future. Now do what I find correct, what I like, when I want, and at my own pace.

Today I know that this is simplicity and simplicity when I loved truth, gave up wanting to always be right, and with that, failed at times. Today I discovered thats humility when I loved me truly, gave up be reliving the past, and I worry about the future. Now, I keep in the present, which is where life happens. Today I live one day at a time. And that fullness is called when I loved me really, I sensed that my mind can haunt me, and disappoint me. But when I place it in the service of my heart, she has a great and valuable ally. All that is know live not we must be afraid of confronting us, up to the planets collide, and chaos many stars are born.