Virtual Desktops, Another Alternative to Having Virtual Desktops in Windows

One of the few things that I do not like Windows Vista is that it lacks virtual desktops, something he remains its good points if we believe that today most modern operating systems include this feature. But fortunately, we have applications that can emulate this function well and help us organize our windows in work areas. Recently they recommend Desktops, a very simple and useful, but I had to disable Aero defects in the side desks and have very few settings.

That’s why today we present an alternative free call Virtual Desktops. This tool works both in XP and in Vista and allows us to work with infinite virtual desktops. We can switch among them by clicking on the number of desk in the lower right corner of the screen, selecting one of the models that will occur when we move the mouse over the icon of the application in the taskbar, or by pressing the WIN over the key issue of the desktop.

The Aero effects are not disabled in any of the desks, and we are given the option to rename the desks, changing the size of thumbnails, and modify keyboard shortcuts to our liking. We can also determine a different wallpaper for each desktop, and establishing applications that must always remain in the main desktop (Task Manager, Windows Sidebar, etc.).

What a pity that this Virtual Desktops still a bit green and throw errors occasionally, because of this that some can not function? Desktop Switcher?, An option to move windows from one desktop to another in a given screen complete. Besides these errors are particularly sensitive given the kind of tool we are talking about, because if Virtual Desktops closes and we have applications in other desktops, these are a kind of? Limbo? (are not sent automatically to the main desk). His memory consumption is also a slight point against, with 20 MB 4 desks. But anyway deserves a chance, because it constitutes a few interesting regarding the other utilities of this type.