The Name

In it, she must placed the name of the electronic address and password, as well as informed a cellular one, an alternative email, full name, country, postal code, sex and date of birth. After everything filled, the person she must type the word that appears in the screen so that the procedure is finished. As to fill each item of the form Name of the email the words that precede the @hotmail or @msn must be of easy understanding, since internauta will have to inform it for the people with who desires to change e-mails. Then, it is indicated that the electronic address is very not complicated, nor very long, being able to be formed by very small letters and numbers, and without no special character, symbol or space. It also must be of easy agreement when the person will be to say the name of the email. Password in contrast of the email, the password must be complicated possible, thus, will be guaranteed the security of the email, making it difficult the access of another person who is not the proprietor. For the password, it is possible to use capital, very small letters, numbers, characters special, symbols, however, spaces also are not accepted. To mix these possibilities becomes the password sufficient holds.

However, the user cannot forget it. Alternative email serves registers in cadastre for it in the MSN to be confirmed. This email also is used in case of esquecimento of the password, thus, when the person to request a new password, it will be sent to the alternative email. Excessively the data for the fulfilling must be informed of correct way. After the confirmation of the creation of the email is alone to install program MSN and to leave talking with the friends, relatives and colleagues of facultieses.