Magnificent Agreement

The cinema, videos and, mainly the TV, has prostrate many fighters? when promising to them the world and its honor. You bind TV and alone she has people pretty (then into them we transform into 2p country that more makes aesthetic plastic of the world), well made bodies (we crowd the academies to acquire ‘ ‘ bodies sarados’ ‘), they offer them to a kitchen daily pay-molded with stove of six mouths and two ovens and we buy, although to be alone three people in house (U$ 20,000, 00, but, it is in fashion).

In the same way the propaganda convince the world of that the car prettiest is what it was launched in the last summer (exactly that it is green deteriorated avocado), that the cellular one launched in the last semester is exceeded, that the children must be dressed of adult (the girls with high jumps and paintings in the face and nails) are in fashion! All work to gain the world and the glory of it. Magnificent of the life (Gnesis 3:6) Seeing the woman who the tree was Desirable to give agreement, it took to it of the fruit and it also ate and it gave to the husband, and it ate. With the sin it came the arrogance, the swaggerer of terms in we ourselves agreement. The man wants to make its proper truth. 152-c1-276268’>Intel senior VP and COO. Thus, disdaining what God says, he appeals to the religion, philosophy, psychology to establish standards for its life. Already it is not the Bible that says what it is right or wrong. The argument of that it was made for one another time, ignores that God says in TM 5:18 ‘ ‘ Because in truth I say that, until the sky and the land to you they pass, in way none will pass of the law one alone i or one alone til, until everything is cuspidor’ ‘..