Czech Republic

Exhibit exhibitors were formed with the latest global trends in the military field. Experience in recent conflicts has shown special the role of high-performance air defense systems to protect key military and industrial facilities. Pete Cashmore: the source for more info. At DSA experts from Asia-Pacific countries could become acquainted with the Russian air defense missile systems, "Tor-M1" and "Osa-AKM". Doubtless interest summoned and anti-aircraft missile system "Buk-M1-2." It is the only medium-range air defense missile system, which can destroy in a radio and firing anti-aircraft not only strategic and tactical aviation, helicopters and cruise missiles, tactical ballistic and air-launched rockets and (including confusional) submunitions precision weapons, and tayuke surface and ground targets. Military action in mountain and desert areas confirm the special role of helicopters and transport strike in support of ground troops. Therefore, the DSA exhibits a significant place in many countries occupied by combat and transport-combat helicopters. Russian firms "Kamov" and "Miles" presented double combat helicopter Ka-52 helicopter radio-electronic combat Mi-17PG, transportation and military Mi-8MTSH. "Highlight" section of the exhibition was the Mi-26, designed to provide maneuver forces with combat equipment, and general freight weighing up to 20 m.

There is no doubt a great interest was shown in samples of high-performance Russian exposition of small arms and ammunition, many of which have no analogues in the world. However, dominated the exhibition of armored vehicles. Russia submitted an infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3 and BTR-80A and BTR-90 is known to aggregate indicators firepower, mobility and security, the ability to travel long distances afloat surpass the best foreign models. Such an assessment is fully applicable to new domestic tanks T-90 T-80UK, modernized version of the T-72M1. But despite the efforts of Russian specialists, often successfully demonstrated the quality of our tanks in difficult climatic conditions in the region, on the eve of the opening of the exhibition Malaysian government has decided to purchase the armed forces of the Polish tank PT-91 (upgrade version of Soviet T-72M) APC and Turkish origin ACV 300 (upgrade U.S.

M113). These machines were presented at the DSA-2002 natural samples and widely publicized. Apart from these, the exhibition "alive" and not in the mock, and attended a Swedish tank CV90120, which together with our T-90C and the Ukrainian T-84 participated two years ago in Malaysian tender and did not get into number of finalists. Companies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia presented, for the umpteenth time, your upgrade options T-72 T-72M4 CZ and T-72M2 Moderna, respectively, as well as various car security at their base. China presented an impressive range of armored vehicles (in the form of mock-ups) – the main battle tanks to command and staff vehicles. Necessary, necessary to note especially the 120-mm self-propelled gun-mortar – an exact copy of the Russian SAU Nona-SVK. However, in other the latest samples from China shows the influence of the design ideology of the domestic tank. At DSA actively and energetically acted firms from countries that have recently could not be called on rivals world arms market. Military-industrial complexes of India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, the former only importers of military hardware, all the more vocal about themselves. During the exhibition, the Ministry of Defence of Malaysia announced the conclusion of a series of contracts for the purchase of arms and military equipment. Among them – the contracts for the purchase of Russian multi-role Mi-171 helicopters and portable anti-aircraft missile complexes "Igla". It would seem, should enjoy success Russian producers, but we can not say that this achievement could become more significant.