Auto Diagnostics

At the armed services today are a lot of powerful tools for the diagnosis of car: motortestery, multitestery, diagnostic line stands for the repair of fuel equipment, alignment and wheel balancing, etc. This list could go on, but most importantly, acquiring sophisticated equipment firms have not paid adequate attention to staff training, which it operates, and its serves. And most importantly, many even no idea about all the possibilities that it opens this diagnosis. Each year the world produces more than 300 new car models, which embody the technological progress of mankind in the field automotive industry. The buyer tends to have time to buy a new car that meets the latest requirements and possibilities of modern science.

Feel the engine power, smoothness of the suspension, the dynamics of acceleration and driving, comfort and safety of his new friend. But to a modern car needs to be paid and the more recent demands for maintenance. Modern methods of diagnosis engine. Today, there are many ways to diagnose the engine, starting from the measurement of compression and ending readings of the gas analyzer and a lot of diagnostic tools from the testimony komressometra and ending powerful motortesterami Bosch 571 or sun 4000. Indications kompresometra not always fully disclose the true state of piston engine that froze the more compression engine is not correct. Measurement of compression engine is like the engine is cold and the hot, as with oil in the cylinders and without oil. The engine is cold to unscrew all the candles, if a diesel engine then unscrew all jets.