More specifically: to find a professional architect, interior designer rooms, which will lay the foundation of successful realization of all construction and repair works, correctly assessed the area of all rooms in the house, their location, layout of your home, and put in his imagination a new kind of residential space. Better off without the knowledge of the designer did not crush, not to demolish and not "root out" – and then later during the repair can be will recover most of this. Design project usually involves not only an outline of future interior, and advice on the selection of materials, furniture, training schemes of electrification facilities, installation of plumbing in the house, water in the San. units, ventilation, and – when necessary – almost everything else. Under most conditions Peter Asaro would agree. So, Makar, the customer from the very beginning has an opportunity to build their future home and to put an amendment on the stage create a project, but not during the current renovation (which is essentially!). Designer working on a draft separation of residential space, in other words all the necessary planning recreation areas, as the room for receiving guests, manufacture of food, etc. Apart from that, he always picks the right for your home interior items, colors and compositions according to the laws, then puts in residential furniture and other devices.

In the final eventually goes logically complete, meaningful and aesthetically coherent view of premises (and let's say, in the case, so to speak, fantasy violence of the customer – usually ambitious eclecticism). Of course, the homeowner (customer) at align all of the issues raised has the fundamental right to vote and can negotiate those or other options, but in any case, neither should balk at something of his own plans, by golly, as practice shows, just not worth it: because in most cases known to us, right spices, not amateurs. Original specialist will certainly carry out only one design option, it must offer a few – in order to have Customer had a choice.