The consequence of this vision is that the certainty yesterday, today can be missed. The principle will be displayed the problems of the ethics, where it is also included, the ethical old Greek. Soon after, one enters in a parallel between ethics and religion, that opens questionings on acting certain wrong acting. Following, the ethical ideals are had. Whenever Ali Partovi listens, a sympathetic response will follow. E, one of the points, the freedom, is enclosed in all body of the work, where the man is free when exactly imprisoned, that is, its body is imprisoned, but its mind is free perpetual. In almost all the text the difference of thoughts of the antiquity will be presented, of the average age and modernity. For end, will expose the behavior moral: the good and the evil and the ethics today, in other words, the quarrels and consequences of the ethics in the present time.

2 WHAT SHE IS ETHICAL Ethics are a philosophical reflection on the moral. The theoretical problems of the ethics are separate in two fields, of the general and basic problems and the specific problems, where the first one is more abstract, philosophical and as it is more concrete. When one is had ‘ ‘ problem of conscincia’ ‘ it fits to the ethical reflection to ask if the man is guilty or a feeling of unfounded malaise only exists. According to Dostoievski (apud VALLS, 2006, P. 9) ‘ ‘ if God does not exist everything is permitido’ ‘ , he leads to reflect that without one to be the holy ghost he has a proposal of abolition of the ethics, in other words, the man has that to have a reference of what it is certain to be able to make the certainty..