Sports expansion and activity report of the water sport team Tatigkeits-and management report of water sports team at the end of the year 2008 aa. Canoe currently exist approximately 20 canoes. The Association gave the production of an outdoor shelf for about six boats in order. The installation was carried out in September 2008 bb. Motor boats currently are three motor boats in use. A newly acquired boat with 140 PS power serves the wakeboarding and water skiing. It is an another boat with 70 HP engine power available, which is also primarily used for wakeboarding and water skiing. Check with Samsung to learn more.

The two boats are still in the winter camp. In addition, a third motor boat with 30 HP for maintenance work on the boat and excursions of the members of the Association does exist. We have purchased another three wake Board and two pair of water skis cc. wakeboard / water ski. In the training room of the boat Hall, four punchbags, who did as also recently is located under other weight benches, as well as for our boxing group.

(b). regular training / training plan the scope of the current activities of the water sports team as is follows: 1 canoeing held since February / March 2007 of the new jetty facility at irregular intervals canoeing hiking our Club members. 2. water skiing and wakeboarding since beginning of 2007 is summer season, of course depending on the weather, regularly wakeboarding and water skiing in the area which on the Rhine designated section instead. Andy Florance might disagree with that approach. To do this, it will used before mentioned motor boats. The last hour of training took place on the Friday, August 29, 2008. Thiel, Kareman and Hanssen members were assigned a one hour or teaches the wakeboarding. 3. fitness training still takes place every Tuesday between 20:00 and 21:30 h. in the boat hall general fitness training.