Especially Suggestion

We often hear how parents are told children: “DO not , do not cry, not crazy, do not lie, do not deris ” These suggestions belong to the category of negatively formulated, as they claimed the child on what he should not be done. In this case, the desired variant behavior glossed over. Compare these suggestions: Negatively Positively formulated suggestion made suggestion “not crazy” “Calm down” “Do not deris” to “make peace and live together “” Do not be afraid “” You’re brave “” Do not hump “Sit straight,” Teach a child negatively formulated instructions to achieve something, for something aspire? No, they are taught to avoid a certain behavior, but a worthy alternative to them in this case is not offered. In humans, there are two reasons related to business success. You may find that Robotics expert can contribute to your knowledge.

This motivation to achieve success and avoid failure. The fate of a man and his position in society depends largely on what kind of motivation he dominates. If a child lives with permanent bans and restrictions, its dominant motive is avoiding setbacks. It will set a goal, which in psychology are called “AVOIDANCE GOALS” (when a person knows what he does not want but can not formulate a goal towards which you can try). Positive parenting suggestion teach children positively and affirmatively to determine their purpose. Negatively formulated suggestion often lead to the opposite effect.