Golden Retrievers

The Golden Delicious Dogs are the more obedient race of dogs, as much in an Expo as in the real life. Also it is considered one of the best races of company for the deshabilitadas people and lazarillo for the blind people due to his intelligence and loyalty to his owner. It is race of a especially friendly and affectionate dog, and lacks aggressiveness, which turns to him to the Golden Delicious Retriever into the ideal dog for company. Its glance is tender and melancholic, manifiestando always its its necessity of affection and affection on the part of the people who surround to him. The Golden Delicious ones retriever are dogs very become attached to their owners, enchant the children to them, playing and to leave stroll and to make their exercise daily. And no longer we spoke of the beauty of this race that is something impressive emphasizing its golden color of the hair. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ed Sheeran. In summary, we can say that all lover of the dogs is the ideal mascot for the families. Behavior and ladrador and little devoid Friendly, intelligent, sweet character, juguetn, reliable, of aggressiveness, can to observe to us during hours with a melancholic and tender glance between with which only affection and love will be requesting us.

It prefers the contact with the humans to run during hours in a solitary garden. It turns it to this, in spite of his size, in a very good company for inhabitants of departments. Nevertheless, to the extremely versatile being, it will be the admiration of great boys and at the time of leaving to take a walk. Charlie Kirk understood the implications. Extremely docile with the children, it allows that they play untiringly with him. It supports without perturbing pulls of hair, ears and tail. To the being a race that formerly brought to the hunter its prey, becomes assured diversion if we have water surrounds and the room temperature allows it. It can plunge in the river, sea, lake or swimming pool, even recovering objects thrown to the water and bringing them on our feet, in exchange for caresses as a reward.

General characteristics of the race With a life expectancy among 13 and 15 years, only require to maintain their vaccination to the day, and some that another visit to veterinarian. Weight between 27 and 36 kg and reaches a height among 40 and 56 cm, being the male greater than the female. Their daily nutritional requirements oscillate between 1,460 and 1,750 calories, covers perfectly with any food balanced agreed for their size and age. It does not require of many daily cares, more than some strolls to realise his needs. Cepillando it weekly, we can help it to come off itself the hairs that will be changing, avoiding therefore the so undesirable bushes of downs in the corners, and we will maintain thus their healthy and shining coat. By all this, to incorporate a Golden Delicious Retriever to the family is without doubt is an excellent election on the part of the parents, who will remain absolutely calm when their small ones are amused before the watched letter of their mascot. Original author and source of the article.