Knowing The Self

THE “I” and the Absolute in this philosophical treatise has been to understand the “I” and “identity” of any living being. Also be understood as lacking “absolute” definitions infinite, eternal, perfect or any other word try to capture something absolute, as I believe that “all” does not exist, except for “nothing” WHAT IS THE “I”? The “I” is life, is the soul, is the “identity” of every living being and every life to live. Isearch recognizes the significance of this. The “I” is unique, is unique, occupies a place and is immortal because it belongs to a saturation of life. The “I” is the essence of life, or call it soul, that as the essence subatomic or “nothing” that is, no limits, only limits the saturation own selves. The “I” does not belong to the physical world, no spaces or distances, or times, the same can occupy a place that instantly appear elsewhere. Only the self, life or soul is subject to its own saturation selves, of all beings living, to the evolution of one’s hereditary living creatures and the hierarchy that unites all living things.

In the universe, there are several saturation, starting from the first that gave rise to the other: the first was the saturation of the void, or “nothing” to what is not absolute, the second was the saturation of the non-absolute of ” nothing “which made possible the beginning of something dynamic, and the third was the saturation of the dynamism that made possible the proliferation induction dynamics of matter in the form of existence and in turn gave rise to the saturation of memory called dynamic energies of life , the selves, and their possible propagation and evolution by means of inductive and fourth to saturation stable dynamics that made a uniform universe, mathematical and accurate. . .