Mining Industry

Looking at the international market, high annual production value of mining machinery, which shows that China s mining machinery industry is still a relatively broad overseas markets, and international mining machinery producing country in comparison, still pregnant with great potential for development. But how to enter and occupy the overseas market is worth our consideration. Scientific and technological innovation determines the level of a country s long-term development of industrial manufacturing. China developed countries in innovation and international manufacturing standards, there are still gaps, so big domestic challenges. Mining machinery manufacturing industry is the establishment of an independent state based industrial system, to measure a country s industrial strength is an important symbol. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. to be aware of the founding companies to accelerate their product development and innovation, the establishment of systematic and comprehensive after-sales service network and accurately grasp the press of the market, organize production according to market demand, allocation of resources, optimize the product structure, develop market, increase revenue to the development of faster and better. Hongxing machines are continually improving the level of technical services, increasing R & D efforts, technology innovation and reform to meet the wave of industry equipment.

We should improve the overall quality of after-sales service staff; make a comprehensive and systematic training to the entire sales departments. First, make systematic, standardized service standards; Second, make professional ball mill skills training and customer satisfaction training to technical staff and maintenance staff. To supply high quality product, make service quality and product quality assurance double. tone. Qualified product is the basic requirements of the customers and also the postulate to satisfy customer. If a company is able to supply long term high quality product, it somehow create an invisible brand, increase customer reliability and services satisfaction, promoting its own brand image. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., adhering to the ideas determine, integrity cast of wealth business philosophy, in the manufacture of mining machinery and equipment continued innovation. Continuously improve the company s innovative mechanisms to encourage scientific and technological personnel, and creating an innovative research team adopted a going out, please come in approach, active and relevant national research institutions and colleges have a long term relationship. So far, the company already has mill machinery Institute, Institute of mineral machinery, processing equipment, research, and three national research.

R & D ranks forefront of the industry, was the industry as the birthplace of new products. Customer satisfaction is the star power and innovative machine basis. Hongxing machines to join dozens of mining equipment manufacturing industry set, experience and high-tech applications, as well as celebrities who strive for excellence, and innovative spirit, making our products meet customer satisfaction; In addition the company has a rich experience, skilled sales and service team and perfect sales service network, providing customers with dedicated pre – service and professional technical support. Technological innovation, management innovation, seek leapfrog development in China mining machinery is Hongxing s constant pursuit Impact stone crusher: Jaw crusher: