Multiracial Iran

Conference about majorities, minorities, human rights abuses and the future in the Iran on Saturday, October 30, 2010 held two noteworthy actions that are dedicated to the population in the Iran, in Berlin. A face for human rights in the Iran is an action at the passers-by to the situation of political prisoners in the Iran will be informed and a photo of themselves be asked to protest torture, capital punishment and political oppression in the Iran. For over a year, the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran held solidarity actions in various European cities (Eindhoven, Netherlands / / Brussels, Belgium / / Hamburg, Germany / / London, UK / / Amsterdam, Netherlands / / Karlsruhe, Germany / / Cologne, Germany / / Ghent, Belgium / / etc.). The action between 11:00 and 14:00 before the Brandenburg Gate will take place on October 30. a further invites to the Conference on the Oct 30 in Berlin will be a Conference in Berlin instead, which is present and addresses future issues. The Conference is organized by is a Web site that reported about the many good and beautiful sites of Iran since April 2009 and is not afraid to get wallpapers of ideology and reports of human rights violations in the Iran. Operators of support no war treibereien against the Islamic Republic on the one hand, on the other hand it is also not of assurances and efforts on the part of the regime in the Iran lull, that in the Iran everything is legit and is stringently against enemies who should be controlled from abroad.

Solution corridor for the powder keg of Iran lies in the power of the population in the Iran. For more specific information, check out Robotics. One of the concerns of the Conference will be to deal with this force and to gain attention in the West, this track. Details of the Conference “for 31 years, a dictatorship, which defined religious prevails in the Iran. Since the first inauguration of President Ahmadinedschad and the intensification of the nuclear programme, and especially since his alleged re-election before the Islamic Republic of Iran is over a year, increasingly in the spotlight of the international community. The situation of the dervishes and other religious minorities, as well as the Kurds and other nationalities in the Iran, which are largely in opposition to the regime is, however, little is known. After a presentation of the current situation of such groups, going to Iran to the opportunities and challenges of diversity in the multiethnic State.” Dieter Kabu, spokesman of the Iran coordination group of Amnesty International Germany Sadeq Nabatchian, spokesman of the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran Dr. Miro Aliyar, Chairman of the Committee for external relations of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan-Iran Dr.

Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh, religious scholar, Paris languages. Farsi and German Saturday, October 30, 2010, 17:00 20:30 in the workshop of cultures, Wissmann str. 32, Berlin-Neukolln the Conference is open for journalists, politicians, human rights activists, interested and curious. The Prudently to make procedures and scope, a roll-call registration is required under to 28.10.2010. Helmut N. fork,