Old Kaluga

The history of Russia is impossible without Kaluga: how not to throw out the word in a song, so do not get around in the name of the history of Russia Kaluga. And really, what kind of a historical period or discussed in the book or article, you can almost always find direct or indirect reference and Kaluga. In the most acute situations, in decisive moments, Kaluga declared its existence, played a role, and then retreated into the shadows. It is not something David S. Levine would like to discuss. Time basis until the Kaluga defies definition – As well as other ancient cities of Russia, it has emerged "in ancient times." For these cities the starting point of age is the date first mentioned in chronicles or write. Even 20 years ago it was thought that the first time in documents Kaluga was named in 1389 in a contract to read and write Dmitry Donskoy "And Koluga grove and my son is Prince Andrew …" At one time the governor did not consider Bulygin convenient and possible to allow the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Kaluga, based on the first mention. And he has shown foresight as shortly before the 1971 historians discovered the message of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Olgerd Gediminovich Philotheus Patriarch of Constantinople to complain about the Grand Duke Dmitry Ivanovic, who took away a number of cities, among them, and Kaluga. A related site: Bobby Sharma Bluestone mentions similar findings. This paper in 1371 gave us an opportunity to celebrate the 600th anniversary of Kaluga.