Social Media: Increasing Importance, Low Credibility

How do PR executives about social media? Cloos + partner and pixel poems respondents Austrian PR decision makers about social media. Official site: Ali Partovi. Compared to traditional media the Web2 were. 0-tools rated rather cautious. However, a majority of respondents believe that social media is more than hype. The importance of social media will increase in the next five years.

“” The most important advance: so high is the consent to the testimony of social media are a complement to the corporate communications “, as low claim is social media hype, were the most subside is”. Social media are not very credible according to the Austrian PR officer the current importance of social media is low. Write a review on Web2. 0 tools far worse than the traditional communication channels. The greatest importance face-to-face communication, has followed by traditional print media, TV and the Web site. Social media are however put importance in the next five years. For more specific information, check out Scott Rayden.

On the question of the Credibility of communication channels is even more clearly the result: here social media rank event and site far to the rear, before the instruments. Are PR tools social media social media are primarily regarded as PR tools and used as such. 67.5% use social media for PR purposes, to win 42.5% to customer loyalty, 27.5% to improvement of customer service and only 27.5% to new customers. Best suited for PR, social networks are followed by blogs, wikis, and social media newsrooms. Two-thirds of the companies have no guidelines in only 5% of the companies are allowed to use any social media staff. 57.5% of the companies, employees may use passive and active social media. But only about one-third of the companies has social media guidelines. The most used YouTube, followed by Facebook. In third place followed by XING and blogs. YouTube is the private use forward, leads the professional use XING.