Abdominal Work

The respiration plays an important role in the execution of any type of exercise. Now, at the abdominal level charge even more important, since it will depend on abdominal muscles to contract all the way, causing an effect of abdominal recollection. A related site: iSearch mentions similar findings. If we do not control it, in the long run, we cause our abdominal wall will dilate or intra-abdominal pressure increases, which may cause problems to any internal organ. Thus, the objective of maintaining a breathing controlled during abdominal exercises will be double: efficiency of training. The abdominal muscle group contracts throughout their journey, from its maximum length at the time of relaxation, until its maximum shortening in the final moment of contraction. Reduction of intra-abdominal pressure. Important for anyone, but especially for those who may have digestive, intestinal trouble, or even genital (in the case of women, and must train even more specifically with abdominal abdominales). Diaphragm enters the scene.

Located at the level of the last ribs, it functions as a bellows. When we take air (inspiration), the diaphragm low facilitating the entry of air into the lungs. At that time the abdominal wall tends to dilate. The belly swells. Releasing air (exhaled air), the diaphragm rises reducing the space of the rib cage. The gut is flattened. How to breathe while we perform an abdominal exercise? It is simple, taking into account both the objectives that we tagged as the action of the diaphragm. For the abdominal muscles to work throughout their journey and intra-abdominal pressure is minimal, the abdomen must be as empty as possible.

We are interested that the diaphragm is high, at the base of the ribs, without occupying part of the abdominal space. Therefore, the best moment to contract the muscles will be during exhalation, coinciding the maximum abdominal contraction with the moment in which nothing remains of air into the lungs. Completing the motion, inspiration has its place during the relaxation of the abdomen. Thus the diaphragm low with total freedom, favoring a good breath. Easier with an example notes the picture on the right. Typical abdominal exercise, trunk flexion. The trick is at the beginning, the first inspiration. This is done just before the series.Let’s look at the procedure: prior to start the movement, inspire. During bending, the approximation from the shoulders towards the knees, you will progressively releasing the air, until the vacuum coinciding with the maximum contraction. You slowly return to the rest position while you go back to inspire. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as repetitions have the series. Sometimes it is something complicated square breathing with movement. But be patient, don’t be hurry and learn to breathe. Come a time that you automatices the gesture and without thinking about what you will get. We have clarified the why and how of abdominal work. Have you taken note? Only is point out one aspect: the how much. In brief We discussed what should be the frequency of the abdominal training. Until then, health and movement!