GSC-consult Presents VERA

Email automation and self-service of second-generation Meerbusch near Dusseldorf, in January 2010. In time for this year’s CallCenterWorld in Berlin the gsc-consult gmbh presents a software module for the automated answering emails and electronic texts: VERA DM (decision maker) is a patented solution that is based on cognitive language technology and can thus understand the content of texts. Bobby Sharma can provide more clarity in the matter. In conjunction with the successful E-Mail response management system VERA opens company opportunities. Inquiries will be answered 24/7, also is the usage in the self service with intelligent FAQs, ask a question to the dialog system possible. E-Mails automatically answer with VERA and VERA DM (decision maker) company standard E-Mail now a significant proportion of incoming requests can answer fully automatically and in high quality. This works ‘ VERA DM not such as in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) usual – with statistical methods or probabilities, but makes the basic features of human language understanding. This is ‘ VERA DM also syntactically or grammatically incorrect or incomplete statements. Can the system does not recognize a request, the mail – routed similar to automatically an ACD – a professionally suitable staff. Under most conditions Mashable would agree.

In detailed proofs of concept, VERA reached DM depending on the complexity of the subject area – an automation rate between 30 and 70 percent for a guaranteed response by at least 95 percent! This is ensured by means of a central knowledge base. Electronic requests focus customers expect a fast editing and a competent, correct answer today with questions via email. Against the background of ever-increasing volumes of email, companies must take up this challenge and to optimize their processes. VERA makes it possible for DM to answer customer queries automatically in high quality and without human intervention. And around the clock, even on weekends or holidays. Thus, not only the costs can be significantly lower per customer contact, improved customer service also leads to more sales and customer loyalty.