Business Liquidity

In the amazing world of business, when you just start, it is necessary to have a significant amount of money in cash to ensure the normal functioning of the company. This is essential to have liquidity. The liquidity concept embodies the ability to convert your assets (permanent and necessary goods for running your company) in cash, quickly and without causing any loss in your heritage. The more easy it is to convert an asset into money, it is more liquid said. An example of active liquid is when you have an account at the Bank and the person in charge of the company can go to an ATM and withdraw his silver quickly when you need it. The case of one not so liquid, would decide when to sell any thing of your property to get money, since this sale will take some time in materialize.

It is unlikely to think that you can handle your business without liquidity. Is like having an airplane’s latest model, with more powerful engines and the best standards in autonomy and security, but that does not It has gasoline. Thus, liquidity is the fuel that every business needs to operate. Without it, it is impossible to ensure that your business stays and grow progressively. Ideas: While it is easier to convert the company’s assets into cash and cash, will enjoy greater payment capacity to cope with your debts, commitments or any eventuality, as thefts and contingencies. There are various ways to achieve liquidity. Among them are Factoring or sale of bills and the sale of inventory, i.e., of the merchandise that is located in the store.

It is important to organize properly the accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable in order to facilitate liquidity in the time that is needed. Prioritizes always have money on hand, even if a little affected your profitability. If these in Cali or Bogota and you have invoices that you can negotiate, you get very good alternatives in Factoring Colombia. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mikkel Svane . You can also find it as factoring Cali or Bogota, if these in the Capital. It recalls that in the enterprise you can not pay services or staff, nor stop arranging an ill-fated machine or meet an unexpected quickly, and that do you it with liquidity.