Static Bait

Adult pike, has accumulated enough knowledge about procuring food, pick up the dead bait rather than the more inexperienced predator, and therefore record large specimens are often caught in a static bait. Catch pike should be with pike or carp using the rod with a test of 2,5 lb, the coil is taken inertialess, and fishing line – with a breaking load 7kg. The float has ogruzki, which is usually built into the case. During the fishing float can be in two positions: standing upright, and be perceptible, or lie flat on the surface. To float has a vertical position, the tackle is thrown, and when the lure touched the bottom, tighten gently snap, until it becomes visible to float above the water.

A bite can be seen in both cases, regardless of the position of the float. At Ali Partovi you will find additional information. Around the float, which adopted a horizontal position, there will be circles on the water, float begin to tremble or even glide across the water. Vertically directed float away or take a horizontal position. Cuttings do just that if the pike are in the direction from you, then you need to open lesoukladyvatel, count to five, close shackle, and the fish will bend the rod zasechetsya and, if the float goes to you, count to five and pull the rod upward. The descent is established by means of float stops or stopper knot. Such equipment is useful at catching on lying at the bottom of the bait, the distance from the float to the bait should be 60 cm greater than the depth of the fishery. le beliefs. When cast, fishing line slides through a loop fastening float at the time of contact with the bait to the bottom mode ground will float on the horizontal surface of the water. If the bait does not reach the bottom, the float will not fall. SSG clamping weights placed on top of wire wiring to lure remained motionless. Depending on the wind and the bottom of the reservoir is selected amount of cargo, but it is recommended to dispense with the minimum amount of cargo.