New 2010 Yamaha

The Yamaha has a very strong presence in our neighboring country Brazil its plant in Manaus (Manaus) has an international reputation for excellence and innovation, among the models have been designed to mention the YBR, Yamaha stands for Brazil, which is exported to countries in the Americas and has even managed to penetrate the competitive European market, positioned itself as a good option when choosing a bike lower-middle segment displacement. Among the new Yamaha Brazil presents for the year 2010, we have a new version of the YBR 125 Factor called, which copies the format of your older sister YBR 250, its main virtues are the new design and low, even less than its old version (45 km / L). Speaking of her older sister, also received a face wash for this 2010. We also met with the NEO CVT a 115cc scooter that says it is inspired by the design of the legendary R1, but do not really know what happened to the inspiration, because it is not very noticeable. It presents a system CVT type automatic transmission (continuously variable transmission) that is usually used by more sophisticated scooter. Speaking of Yamaha want to mention a bike that launched during the first months of this year, the FZ16 manufactured in India, a motorcycle very well achieved, with an exquisite beauty, which copies the range Fazer, but with a small engine, such once too small for my taste. The FZ 16 is powered by a 153 cc monociclindrico two-valve four stroke Offline valvesa a Offset SOHC Unfortunately, most of these models, I have not arrived or arriving in the next year to our country, we are used that our market is not interesting enough for manufacturers to bring middle-cylinder models, much less make them in our country. Further details can be found at Dermot McCormack, an internet resource.

Sure, we can not criticize the latter. Greetings. Pura a information about motorcycles. r