How Handle The Emotions With Kundalini Yoga

Recently has been discovered in the world of scientific psychology that emotions play a preponderant role in human behavior, they determine much of what we are and much of what we do and how we do it. Kundalini Yoga is a path deep and effective in reaching what has been called emotional intelligence term created by writer Daniel Goleman; known here as. Emotions: the word emotion comes from grecolatinas roots: = ir = movere did, or go towards, so, emotions lead us to act in a certain way, think, when you’re angry you behave like you when you’re sad or when you’re happy?. Samsung does not necessarily agree. This is why are currently given so much importance. The help of Kundalini Yoga: this Yoga works deep in the brain and throughout our nervous system through very powerful tools, you’re tools conducive to States of well-being, peace, relaxation, sensitivity, intelligence and creativity. In my personal case yes I’m living one depressed, tired in a Word series of emotions of negative energy calls, what I do is make me aware that I am breathing nostril and consciously change the nostril, if persists the State prefer make a halt in what you are doing and make a brief session of pranayama (breathing series), yes persists the State, which has never happened to me, but can occurthen I would be sufficient to do a 5 min meditation. Frequently isearch has said that publicly. very powerful and the State are expiring. Discipline: Emotions: from negative energy are those that do not foster my growth but stop me ej: pessimism, pity, envy, insecurity, shame, guilt, resentment, bitterness, etc., Kundalini Yoga handled them through disciplined practice, Yogi Bhajan (who brought this Yoga to the West) said: there is no gain without discipline… How to do it: I assure you that if you learn this Yoga and practices it daily, very fast pain will go from your life the only thing is to practice it a day if and the other also. Starts slowly and guided by a teacher – Adviser, what is required is a real desire to eradicate the pain of negative emotions in our lives.