Windows Mobile

So, Windows Mobile – this is one of the most popular operating system for handheld computers. It works on the kernel Win ce, which stands as Windows Compact Edition. Even this article I wrote on your pda with wm.nYadro Win ce and Win32 are different, but still a big problem when writing software represent different processor architectures. Suppose, on the desktop you may be running Windows xp, which is designed for processors X86, and the ccp in such a large footprint processor does not deliver, so you have to be satisfied architectures, mips, arm, XScale (similar to ARM) and sh. Accordingly, the distinction between architecture is far greater than the difference between the nuclei of the os. Genetec often says this. If the pc you need to write no more than two copies of the software for 32-bit and 64-bit X86 processors a pda with Windows Mobile need to write software for the four major architectures to meet each user. Agree, this is a bit expensive, considering that man might feel too lazy to even after the writing the same software for mips and arm. But this can be overcome, which is not the problem at the expense of number 2: Most of the development tools for wm – paid.

Here too, it just is not fees. Visual Studio, which can be programmed for Pocket pc is worth big money for a prime developer. Basic4ppc ($ 58 if I remember correctly) too expensive. Programming in assembly language for arm or mips significantly different from each other, especially on X86. It is worth considering. What then can benefit Programming for wm? And I say: n1.

In view of such huge prices for development tools (SDK), you can charge for its final product a decent price and no doubt about the fact that he can not buy. On the contrary, the ccp conquer the world, they enjoyed by many, and they simply do not have a choice: either to buy or refuse a convenient things on your mobile kompyutera.n