25 Years In The Television – Uwe Hubner

The hit paradise party that must be celebrated on the 13.03.2011 with Uwe Hubner! In the heart of the German Schlager – in the Ruhr area. Many fellow artists come to his “hitPARADIES party” at the “Adiamo” Oberhausen on March 13 and occur: ANTONIA, ANDREAS MARTIN, JoRG BAUSCH, WIND, GABY BAGINSKY, GRAHAM BONNEY, AXEL FISCHER and many others. Even ANNA MARIA ZIMMERMANN “will necessarily be; Although not singing, but the day is very important to her”, her manager Alex author says. UWE HuBNER provides its own anniversary in the service of the Schlager scene and their fans. To do so he has come up with much: there is three much-anticipated album presentations, four festive honours awards the dj charts, a soulful tribute to PETER ALEXANDER, the rousing country rock show by COLoR, many more solo performances, also his own protege MICHAEL FISCHER. And just beautiful memories of “then”. As UWE HuBNER began on March 11, 1986 at the ARD, then went to RTL (whose first permanent moderator he, by the way) was) and how he in 1990 the legendary “ZDF-Hitparade” for eleven years hosted. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. The visitors of the party in the “Adiamo”, which starts at 3:30 and goes until midnight, are thoroughly mixed: on one hand through a bulging filled guest list of 300 major colleagues from the whole music industry.

And on the other by 300 fans, who want to be at this exclusive event and experience at close quarters with the stars. Tickets to the fan more affordable by only 10 euro plus Presale – extra – there all nationwide CTS / Eventim sales points. Or (slightly more expensive) at, by the way: Uwe Hubner is 50 a month later. For him begins – after your own choice – a new stage of life. With more creativity and freedom for cherished wishes. The learned television playwright would then write screenplays and be more journalistic work, writing texts, books and commentaries. Artists selected to promote to make even more important the important DJ pool and Germany’s biggest pop community continue; responsible continue as Chief Editor of the hitPARADIES magazine in the industry”. “Funny, when you are first grey,” smirks Hubner, “gets its own Word automatically more weight and importance.” So do expect in the future more than ever by the savvy music expert, that he is – as regards the Artists Guild in the German Schlager – separate wheat from the chaff and engage “targeted for good people”.

Because if he finds someone good and encourages him, this one has every chance to be noticed and eventually meet the right people. Something like the discovery by ROSENSTOLZ 1993, something I want to get out three times, two in my career”, says Hubner. And again – in the middle of our interview – on the phone, the Jack of all trades.