4 Old Neighborhoods

the time has come for me to get that in order to get my stomach muscles happening Four old districts in the stage of the foundation of the town houses were separated from one another, these are “The Lord of the Encino neighborhood (Barrio de Triana)” the most Spanish of all, “El Barrio de Guadalupe” where find the “Temple of exercise Guadalupe” important historical jewel of the city, “El Barrio de la Salud” instead of Spanish gardens and mansions and “San Marcos” on where the National Fair of San Marcos and where the “Garden Temple and San Marcos.” We could add fifth mention in this neighborhood is not even that of the colonial era fitness but fitness the Porfiriato has a beauty and historical importance in ball the development of the city is “El Barrio de la Estacion” with extensive and wide streets and where the Complex rail “three centuries and it is precisely in this neighborhood where the streets Madero and just in the first block can be seen in the distance to the west tower of the Cathedral-Basilica of the city and the monumental east flag waving in the rail complex three centuries.
Encino neighborhood of the Lord’s (Barrio de Triana) is at the south-central avenue Adolfo L pez Mateos a exercise five minutes walk from the main square of the City. The neighborhood bordered on the north by Adolfo L pez Mateos Avenue, walk south to the Cross, the East Avenue and Jose Maria Chavez Avenue to the east with Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez. At the heart of the borough stands the Temple of Encino whose dedication is the Christ and Black oak is to be held in November in the streets of the neighborhood, next to the temple is a museum dedicated to Jose Guadalupe Posada this character Aguascalientes and cartoonist famous for the creation of “La Catrina” is located opposite the temple garden of Encino with a single source to the center, on the sidewalk opposite the temple is famous and typical 3 restaurants in town, and the house Parish, and a beautiful walking in the streets side of the temple is one of the lose weight schools with more tradition in the city and a restaurant serving dinner in the purest style aguascalentense. while she designed the Method is also a pilates trainer It is remarkable to note that in the neighborhood is a set of companies with the most renowned local manufacturer of industrial and commercial furniture and an amusement park with rides and electricity fat for the children of workers in this company. The main streets of the neighborhood are Diaz de Leon, Abasolo, Leona Vicario, thinner Colon, Vicenta Trujillo, Ninos Heroes Street and Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez.
Barrio de Guadalupe: This neighborhood is located west of the city center and ten minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas. Bordered to the north of the street Benjamin Mora, south to the Emiliano Zapata Street, west to the cemetery and Cross Street Doctor Pedro de Alba and east of Calle Guadalupe Victoria. The attractions of this neighborhood are the temple of Guadalupe Baroque altarpieces and out of wood of the oldest in the region, it is curious to note that the main facade of the church does not give any esplanade or garden, but even street in the stretch to the front is wider compared to the temple is one of the lamps of architecture typical of Aguascalientes formerly located in Plaza de la Revolucion (The plaza between the cathedral and theater Morelos), El jardin de guadeloupe, is a beautiful square full of ash and poplar with a kiosk at the center. At the west end of this neighborhood are two of the most traditional cemeteries in the city “Los Angeles” and “De la Cruz,” the last three weeks of October to November 2 in the streets of Larreategui, Guadeloupe and Dr. Peter Alba settle dozens of stalls selling sweets in the shape of skull and calaberas candy, it is traditional to buy some of these families and friends with sugar and put them in the name of the front method of flab the skull, there is also the mud both craneos as skeletons, which were also painted the names of those who are giving, also lose inches sold roasted peanuts, and fritangas, although in recent years can be found from the typical costumes and masks for children and adults Wolf Man, Count Dracula and Frankestain also sells toys and trinkets of poor quality, produced in Asia. Larreategui on the street and next to the cemetery “Los Angeles is the temple of the” Lord of the Rays’ modern building which offers an interesting facade. In this district are set three of the most ancient and traditional public schools in the city, which is the primary federal lvaro workout Obreg n, facing the garden called Cholula, the primary federal Valent n G mez Far as, on the same street and Gamez Orozco school on one side and back of the temple of Guadalupe, the school is located to the east side abdomen of the Jardin de Guadalupe.

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