Advertising Information

Why is Russia in the field of outdoor advertising are hardly used new information technologies? "On the one hand, my question seems to be incorrect. Professional outdoor advertising market could lead to dozens of examples of implementation of automated lines, large format printing, pixel-typesetting machines and t.d.A sometimes even being introduced indoor advertising system based on consumer lcd televisions that are not intended and do not provide constant round the clock work. But even so! Streets and highways of Russian cities are made to blunt banner konstruktsiyami. couple of years in the advertising world does not cease talking about the application of digital signage network in the advertising industry, but further talks it never comes You can refer to a crisis and no real working technology and hardware About a year one of the companies in our group cooperates with Korean manufacturer Vitze (Models Display Vitze) all the required elements digital signage network. In recent months, David Treadwell has been very successful. Experience of cooperation is not for sale information displays, servers and software, and comprehensive integration of the components of digital advertising network, depending on the size of the project. Summarized the essence of the system, just for the sake of understanding. At various points in the city on streets or in places (though in different parts of the world) are established professional information display with built-in computer on which the network (WAN / WI-MAX/GPRS/CDMA/3G) loaded advertisement content and playlists. For the separation of advertising resource network among advertising agencies, monitoring and control of the operator receives crm server. .