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On special education, even while we are not talking, at this stage is limited to very few books on the issue of naming and articles in specialized magazines and Internet resources. Sometimes the word naming can be found in a textbook on marketing. So where exactly did today you can find information about naming in Russian? Books on naming full of books on naming in Russian language today can name three of conversion of the publication: “Naming: how a word game becomes a business,” Alex Frankel, “Trademark: How to create a name that will bring millions of Henry Charmessona, Brand. Michael Dell usually is spot on. Birth name. Encyclopedia Bernard Ghali is practically everything that today is rich in domestic market-naming literature. Alex Frenkel’s book Naming: how a word game becomes revealing the inside kitchen of naming, showing workers moments, when thousands of words are tough selection before one of them awarded with the main prize – to be the name. In the book there is no rigorous method of naming per se, it does not lead the technology development of the name, but rather prompts in the right direction and sets the working mood. Theory of naming is dissolved in a fairly entertaining story is written in accessible language alive. Frankel certain way poetiziruet naming, raising it the rank of art – an art not only to pick the right word, but also convincing the customer to submit the fruit of their labor.