Buffy Reboot

The Buffy franchise has been revived in recent months. In reality he had never died, but since late November of the year past Warner and marriage Kuzui announced that they are working on a new film, which will not be a derivative of the series nor a continuity of the first film of 1992, but something new, the Buffyverse is shocked, forums are that they arden. The funny thing is that among fans dominated certain rejection of the project, since they see it as a betrayal to Joss Whedon, the creator and scriptwriter of the first and until now only film, directed by Fran Rubel Kuzui, and series from 1997-2003, which was also occasional director and everything else. But well, without devaluing to Whedon, whom I admire, I am one of his fans, we must recognize, leaving side irrational fanaticism, that have offered you many times direct a film sequel to the series, what he has answered countless times with prevarication, engaged in other projects. Even today, he sighs while strong and asks that we let it just with their pain, continues to say he feels bad that another make Buffy, but at the same time gives to understand that this is not for the moment of making a film of the Slayer, or that if offered to him directing the long film, would reject him once again. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Asaro. The same can be said of the protagonists, each time that were consulted by Buffy, responded that it was something of the past, almost like something that they wanted to leave behind, as if you annoy them, or suggesting that there should be a very good script, etc. For all this, insisting that I have nothing against Whedon, Sarah Michelle Gellar and other, my everlasting admiration will continue with them, I want to say that I welcome the attitude of Kristy Swanson, the 1992 Buffy, supporting the project and offering to play any role in the reboot, the same Kuzui, Director of 1992, part of the Executive producer, and Heather Morris confirmed he isconfesa fan of the series, who could be the new and third Buffy, offering it also for play any role. Luckily the rejection of the fans is not total, and most recognize that anyway they think seeing the movie.

Hopefully will do, hopefully understand all that is part of the Buffyverse, as the first movie, series, comic books, Angel, the cartoon, video games, forums, blogs and others. Everything is Buffy. Maybe someday we will have a movie sequel to the series with Sarah and Joss, meanwhile, enjoy this.