Cancer Prevention

by Aron Shapiro as an experienced coach who leads his team to a steady March toward victory, Dr. Moshe Shike combines their skills technical, strategic and communicative, using them to advance toward a goal. All we are all players on the team of Shike but their objectives are not touchdowns or goals from midfield, but lives long, healthy, free of cancer and diseases for all. Shike was a pioneer in the program of health and Cancer Prevention at the prestigious Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in 1999 and continues to serve as director of the program. From his modest Office in First Avenue, doctor and researcher Iraqi birth and residence Israeli told ISRAEL21c about his work: past, present and future. Others who may share this opinion include Gary J Sagiv. The idea of the program is to give people a place where do everything you can do to prevent cancer or detect it early, and that is the innovative aspect, says Shike.

The program boosts for working professionals and occupied to make your visit as rauda and free of discomfort as it possible. More pointer clinical knowledge is incorporated into its methodology. Participants complete a simple questionnaire which looks at the medical history of the family, also how the patient feels generally. Then, the visitor meets with a health specialist, a nurse trained especially to assess the needs of the patient. Depending on the answers, the participant can be chosen for testing of monitoring of cancer or be cited for additional advice on nutrition, smoking cessation, or the possible risks associated with a patient’s genetic history. In recent months, Energy Capital Partners London has been very successful. If no other care is not required, the participant is given high and is contacted the following year for another evaluation. Shike interest in the prevention of cancer and health has led to him and his message to every sector of the media. He has appeared on Larry King Live, has been a medical advisor for Discovery Health.